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José Beirão

J N Beirao Foto


CIM (City Information Modeling ou Modelação Urbana Informada)



José Beirão is Portuguese, lives in Lisbon. Degree in Architecture, 1989 from the Faculty of Architecture, TU Lisbon. In 1998 founded the architecture firm Bquadrado architects (www.bquadrado.com). Master degree in Urban Design in 2005, at ISCTE-IUL, University Institute of Lisbon, and completed his PhD in Urban Design at TU Delft, Netherlands, in 2012. The theme of his dissertation is the development of design patterns for the establishment of computational platforms for urban design. In his thesis “CItyMaker: Designing for Urban Design Grammars” the acronym CIM stands for City Information Modeling stressing the emphasis of information support in urban design. CI stands for City Induction, the name of the research project in which his research was involved (http://cityinduction.fa.utl.pt/). The model shown in the thesis is a test parametric urban design framework using information provided by Geographic Information Systems. Recent events involve the application of this model in real urban design assignments (www.measurb.org and http://tarlabasidatascope.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/69/).
His current research interests focus on the use of the systems developed during the PhD studies to investigate the following concepts: (1) measuring parameters of urbanity and morphological studies, (2) development of urban design evolutionary systems, (3) customizable systems for social housing including actions at urban plan level, (4) developing strategies for the Portuguese dispersed territories, (5) design and digital fabrication.